Quality Medical Care Wherever You Need It

Dr. McCloy is licensed in all 50 states and D.C., and Liberty Bell Family Medicine is equipped to offer telemedicine services. We can care for you while traveling anywhere in the U.S. as long as you can make a call, send a text or write an email.

Dr. McCloy has been practicing telemedicine since 2018 and makes access to care from home or while traveling quick, simple and easy for you and your family.

Direct Primary Care:
The Original Telemedicine Provider

Before the COVID-19 pandemic forced third party payers to pay physicians for telemedicine services out of necessity, DPC clinics had been practicing virtual care for years. Because DPC practices are not beholden to third party rules for payment, we can provide the most appropriate care for the patient, regardless of location, insurance or government rules. Prior to the pandemic, third party payers mandated that you see a medical provider in person in order for them to be paid by your insurance carrier for providing medical care. So you had to miss school, work, find a ride, find a babysitter, etc. for every appointment so the doctor could see you in person in order to get paid. DPC doesn’t have those restrictions, so you can enjoy texting, e-mailing, calling or video-conferencing your doctor when medically practical. Fee for service physicians are still usually paid more to see you in person than by tele-health, so, you’ll be encouraged to make an in person appointment.

Additionally, fee-for-service physicians are now charging co-pays to answer your email questions and concerns.

The University of California San Francisco is starting to charge patients a co-pay per email. (See: “For Doctors Drowning in Emails, One Health System’s New Strategy: Pay for Replies”. Ravindranath, Mohana. Jan. 21, 2022.)

Cleveland Clinic is also adopting this practice, charging up to $50 per MyChart message (

These are not tele-health visits, just an answer to your email. At Liberty Bell Family Medicine, you have unlimited email access to your doctor, and it’s all included in your monthly membership.

DPC does it right.

Not only has DPC pioneered tele-health platforms, we continue to offer unparalleled access to your board-certified Family Medicine physician in a variety of ways, without additional cost. Since all of this is included in your membership, we save you time and money, by avoiding lost wages from time away from work or having to hire a babysitter.